Ez3kiel LIVE performance @ SKUC

Founded in 1994, EZ3kiel is a magnet-Dub band originating from Tours, France. In the beginning they had a singer, however there is no recorded material from that period.

Since 1999 they have worked as a trio:

Yann Nguema (bass guitar, visuals)
Joan Guillon (samples, effects, keyboard)
Matthieu Fays (percussion)

They released in 1999 the mini album ‘Equalize-it’. In 2000 they released the album ‘Handle with care’ (Jarring Effects/Pias), which featured many collaborations with big names of the French independent music scene. That album intrigued the audience and confirmed the band’s eclectic style. During their live performances, they are known for creating a poetic universe with beautiful visuals and graphics, which are made by bass guitarist Yann N’Guema. He uses samples of various photographs, which in combination with the music creates a special audio-visual experience. Other French electro bands use visuals on their live performance, but EZ3kiel are really something special compared to them, their visuals are synchronized with the sound. In 2003 they released another album ‘Barb4Ry’ (Jarring Effects/Pias) which showed that the band’s mature period came.

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