Bass invaders in Aquarius with John B and more…

This was a closing night for Zagrebs Bass invaders. The line up was pretty impresive and it included artists like John B misanthrop eddy ramich… John B. Williams (born 1977 in England) is a bass player and record producer. He is widely recognised for his very wild hair and his talent at producing cutting edge drum and bass tracks. While his trademark sound has evolved through the years it generally involves catchy female vocals and trancelike synths (a style which has been dubbed trance and bass trancestep and futurestep by listeners). His most recent concentration is an ’80s and electroclash influenced fusion of electro and drum and bass which was dubbed electrostep. At first (around early 2002) this style seemed very odd (and comical) to some in the drum and bass community. However this move has given John the ability to carry his style of drum and bass forward. He has dabbled in darkstep jazzstep and various other styles in his time. Misanthrop is Michael Braeuninger based in Stuttgart southwest of Germany. He was caught up by the dark sounds and menacing beats of drum and bass in the nineties as it developed more into an intense musical hybrid. This is when he decided to produce his own tracks under the name Misanthrop which enables him to use music as a medium to express personal experiences of human interactions. His musical arrangements symbolicly oppose to the lack of candour his aim is to break through the borders of conventions to set new unusal grounds.

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