Ministarstvo Psihodelije with Para Halu & Kalumet

Para Halu soundscapes are created by Adam Hohmann in Hungary. After years of experimenting instruments and electronic music production in different styles from ambient to breaks, he founded the psytrance project in 2002 and has been running it with a partner first (Andras Fekete) who later left the project.

Para Halu released countless tracks on a number of wellrespected labels of the psychedelic scene before finishing the first album. Selfreleased No Para Full Halu was followed by The World Of Peace at Parvati Records in 2005 and another conceptual album called Space Rock at Zaikadelic in 2007. 2008 brought a collaboration album (with The Path) called Wide Range and 2009 is bringing the newest fulllength album THE FUTURE SOUND OF PARA HALU on Adam’s own label Psylife Music.

Short after Psylife Music, a sublabel for progressive beats has also started: Halu Beats Records released its first compilation of psychedelic progressive tracks in February 2008 with Sensient, Minimal Criminal, Kalumet, Deto and remixes including the one made from Ace Ventura’s Rebirth by Adam Hohmann.

During the past years Adam performed at almost all the big international psytrance festivals such as Full Moon in Germany, Universo Paralello in Brazil or Soulclipse in Turkey, and keeps touring the world’s finest underground dancefloors from Japan to Brazil with his energeticatmospheric live sets.

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