Interview with Los ninos de los ojos rojos

Los Ninos de Los Ojos Rojos (The Children of the Red Eyes) have released a new album entitled Hijos del Humo (Children of Smoke). For this album, Los Nios de los Ojos Rojos have surrounded themselves with the best talent to be found in their path. This project includes the collaboration of talented artists and sound engineers such as Antonio Amaral, sound technician for popular Spanish groups of such standing as the Celtas Cortos, La Cabra Mecnica, Barricada Jorge Lpez Quesada, a young Extremaduran talent in sound and musical production Jorge Bravo, trumpet player in the Beri Beri Big Band Ana Jimnez, one of the best voices of Extremadura in folk and traditional Irish music, singer in the group l 7 de Trbol Eduardo Tarilonte from Catalaa Sound with harps, synthesizers and effects and Jess Cifuentes, former singer with Celtas Cortos, now a solo artist.

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