UES with Dave Clarke @ The Best

Im a pirate and I keep my loot, says Dave Clarke with a wry smile. Hes quoting BowWowWow, specifically the song C30, C60, C90, Go, a thirty year old tribal punkpop ode to hometaping. He sits back in the swivel chair at the sound desk of his Dutch Radio Studio, a sharply designed black and chrome space fleshed out with quirky visual flourishes. BowWowWow came up because hes talking about his vinyl fetishism, the smell of 12s in record shops, yet he hasnt used the format professionally in eight years. Im really buzzing about the new version of virtual DJ mixing tool Serato, he enthuses, Ive always been at the vanguard of digital DJing and the internet enables me to get new music immediately. Sometimes Ill be in a hotel, someone can send through a track fifteen minutes before I go to a venue and I think, This is incredible, Im playing this tonight. Thats such liberation compared with to waiting months for an acetate. He pauses and reaches the crux of the matter, Its all artist to artist now, theres no middle management.

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