ST!llness @ 8th Seasplash Festival

ST!llness was formed in 2005. Next year they signed up for label Menart. Their first album Sve što znam o životu je odabrao Đelo Hadžiselimović was released in 2007 and it got great reactions from the critics and from the public as well. It was proclaimed one of the best releases in Croatia in 2007. Second album Globalno zatupljenje Paket za preživljavanje, released in 2009, shows progression in sound as well as development of the band’s unique musical style. It also contains DVD made by cultural internet tv channel (

The band’s mix of hip hop, reggae, drum’n’bass and HC distortions in combination with sung and rap vocals makes good impression on everybody. ST!llness’s show also includes vjing (Trip to Zion visuals). Untill now the band has played more then hundred concerts in different clubs and festivals (EXIT, Seasplash, In Music, Riversplash, DOF…) across the teritory of whole former Yugoslavia.

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