Harlem Gospel Choir LIVE @ Vatroslav Lisinski, Zagreb

The world famous Harlem Gospel Choir is America’s premier gospel choir, and has traveled the globe for 25 years sharing its joy of faith, raising funds for children’s charities. The Choir was founded in January 1986 by Allen Bailey who got the idea for the Choir while attending a celebration in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at the Cotton Club in Harlem. Today the Choir presents the finest singers musicians from black churches in Harlem the New York area.

Every year the Harlem Gospel Choir shares its message of love inspiration with millions of people the world over. Through its dynamic performances the Choir strives to create a better understanding of the AfricanAmerican culture the inspirational music called Gospel as it relates to the Black Church. The theme of every performance is bringing people nations together giving something back. The Choir’s voices reflect the RENAISSANCE of Harlem’s culture the NEW YORK SPIRIT of Gospel.

As such the Harlem Gospel Choir is the real deal. Unlike its imitators, (of which there are many) the choir embodies the true New York spirit of gospel every concert infectiously enthusiastic a roller coaster ride of singing dancing a gospel celebration! The Choir’s rich harmonies dynamic sound are always UNFETTERED, JOYOUS INSPIRATIONAL their songs of hope inspiration will touch the depths of your soul lift your spirit to angelic heights every performance will take your breath away!

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