Blank Spaces

Author: Rajneel Singh

Blank Spaces is a 3minute short film produced under the Your Big Break Filmmaking Competition run by Tourism New Zealand in 2010.

The rules were that the films had to be shootable in Queenstown, New Zealand with 5 days of preproduction, 2 days filming and 7 days of postproduction at Peter Jackson’s Park Road Post facility in Miramar, Wellington. The scripts were supposed to reflect, embody or celebrate Tourism New Zealand’s then current campaign: 100% Pure New Zealand The Youngest Country On Earth.

‘This was a beautifully told short film with an understated and delightfully wry sense of humour. It was very assured piece of storytelling. I enjoyed watching it immensely.’ Sir Peter Jackson (director of The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, King Kong, The Lovely Bones and Heavenly Creatures).

‘It looks great, sounds great, and has a fun premise introduced/explored/executed in an astonishingly short period of time.’

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