Metastaz dub electro audio visual experience in KSET, Zagreb

Transmeet.Tv would like to send special thanks to Fani Mlouis for helping us in production of this video with her visual art.

As an activist evolving in Lyon’s dub scene for the eight past years, Thomas Simoes aka METASTAZ , combines ethnic inspirations and skillful beats, breaking the frontiers between musical genres. His music draws a captivating dub electro world in which blended tones and urban influences intermix, then fuse. It’s easy to see how much the mind of this young inspired artist is always seeking for new tunes since he first started to fiddle with keyboards. He experiments through hundreds of sleepless nights : 3 released albums (ParisDubAct PDA Libre comme l’air LCL), the creation of the net label Tazart, and prolific collaborations with dubbists and many artists from Lyon and abroad (Fumuj, Blurum 13…) This exalted and taking forthcoming opus , Orient Dub Express appears like a tread, a musical road trip, from a continent to another, from Sao Paulo to India. The story of this new sound escapism is pictured through electronic hiphop, saturated guitars and cinematic atmospheres.

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